Jack Baker 
Brandon Lipchik by Jared Bautista
Nick Denbeigh



Day 14 • slowly getting there | lighting👌👌👌
yes please
Robert Ferron 2013
Model: Lorenzo

Anonymous asked: Apparently being hot is not something black guys don't do very often, but more often than Asian and Latino guys.

This…..this doesn’t make sense to me. I think you’re complaining….that there aren’t enough black guys on the blog compared to Asian and Latino guys? And if I’m correct, then I agree with you and I also apologize. I’m going to be very honest with you Anon, I am not actively seeking out hot guys to put on this blog. Why? I don’t have the time. I reblog what I see from my personal dash and what ever submissions I get, which contrary to what a lot of people may think, is infrequent. I can’t help it if nobody reblogs anything but white guys. Occasionally I do seek out minority models and actors, but again, this is when I have time to do so, and that’s infrequent also. I would LOVE to see more submissions from dudes of different races. But that doesn’t happen. Also, I turn down a lot of submissions because it doesn’t meet the standards that the followers want. I can tell when a submission is going to be successful and when it is not. Since it’s my blog, I have the right to accept or turn down any submission. I will try my best to bring more color to this blog but I’m not making any promises.